Borrowing a Speeder || Anyone OPEN RP

"No credits - No ride!" the transport dealer spat in Keldra’s face. Coruscant was certainly different from the last time she was here. Perhaps everything was different in comparison to when she was a child in her Jedi training. And the one main difference between Coruscant now and fifteen years ago - she didn’t have her Master guiding her around and everything costed credits. Of course, things were pricey back in Bestine, but this was so much more different. Keldra had no stable job at the moment; and the Jedi Council offered her a generous parting gift, which she had to decline. It was all too much. Her main goal was to find her family… But unfortunately, with no money… Transportation was pretty well impossible. Pacing around the streets in frustration, her mind only focussed on one option. 


It wasn’t in her nature to steal things - Actually, that was a lie. She had stolen plenty of things while in hiding on Tatooine. It was just a lifestyle. Living on your own and on the run forced her to adapt to a pretty rough way of life… Luckily for her, her techniques were still sharp, and her instincts were perfectly intact. Scouting the nearby garages for ships, Keldra’s eyes wandered. A small smirk caused her lips to furl devilishly, “which one, which one…” she murmured playfully. It was childish to pick a ship for its colour - and after all, Keldra worked for a transport equipment shop for years and years. Using a simple telekinetic moves with the Force, she managed to pop the hood on some of them to check the engines and analyze the specs of each. There was a clear winner - and of course, it was bright red. “Perfect,” Keldra mused with excitement, but a noise caught her off guard.